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About Us

Rishtey Hi Rishtey is founded to make life easier for Parents to find suitable matches for there children. Now days it very difficult to find suitable matches so we came up with a Site where anyone can find matches of your requirments,You are a doctor and looking for a doctor match, we have a portal which only shows youthe doctors profile. Same for engineer and other professionals.there are many sites where you can find matches but at Rishtey Hi Rishtey we involved like a family

Why Rishtey Hi Rishtey?

Marriages are made in heaven, so it holds a huge importance in an individual's life as well as the societ Rishtey Hi Rishtey is a platform where you can find a match of your choice .Love is considered as a very strong emotion or a feeling a Rishtey Hi Rishtey is a key to it. Clicking thing is where the destiny comes in action!.So fell a blossom of marriage by creating a profile in Rishtey Hi Rishtey and a option of finding suitable match for yourself and your loved ones.

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